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Lorenzo and Lorena
Lorenzo and Lorena

About us

People and faces, professionalism and passion for the mountains… the soul that makes a difference


"There isn’t more beautiful goal than a dream to realize"
Silvana Stremiz

and certainly we achieved, at least in part, our dream!

The Chalet Mas de la Bolp is a far-reaching project, undertaken with passion, optimism, determination and courage. It rises from an innovative idea for the development and exploitation of a small Alpin area like Val di Rabbi.

We share, by the way, the Italo Calvino’s statement when he says that "life is a series of events, the last of which could change the meaning of the whole."

We are motivated people, able to look ahead when it's time to think, to came into play when you need to decide and capable of great sacrifices in order to achieve genuine ideas in which we believe. We put passion into our projects, working with head and heart to rekindle all the colours of the rainbow, in a magnificent area that sometimes appears in black and white, without shade. The professionalism reflects our sense of identity in what we do and in the care of every single detail.

Professionalism and passion are the points of strengths of our projects, knowing that the most important things in life are the people you love, memories that you leave and those that you can bring in your heart.

We look forward to welcoming you at Mas de la Bolp!

Cecilia, Lorenzo and Lorena

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