Typical food



Typical dishes
Typical dishes


The authentic flavours of Trentino will accompany you during your holiday, from morning to evening!

…in the morning the delicate wafting of home-made cakes and fresh breads, healthy options like red bilberry’s jam, rhododendron honey, butter from summer alpine pastures, the traditional sausages and trentino speck, fresh milk just milk, yoghurt’s and cheese’s from Val di Rabbi’s farms, muesli, cereals and fresh fruits like a variety of apples from Val di Non and the Val di Gresta’s Small Fruits.

…and evening dishes of the genuine trentina kitchen that has always looked for authenticity of flavours in the simplicity. A good glass of wine, Teroldego of Mezzolombardo or Marzemino of Isera, will enhance the flavours of each dish!

We are in agreement with the best Trentino producers and excellent restaurants.

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